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UV Printing direct to material

We recently purchased a UV Printer, which allows us to print directly onto a wide range of materials, whether that be plastic, metal, wood or practically anything else as long as the surface is flat and not overly shiny.

Reverse Print on 10mm Clear Acrylic

We also have a rotary attachment, which means we can print onto spherical objects too.
The printing area is 1200mm x 590mm with a height of up to 200mm.

As the ink is laid onto the surface of the material, the UV lamp cures the ink, making it UV stable and protecting the print, so lamination is not required. The prints can also be done in layers to create a raised texture to the design, which can be used for Braille signage.

UV Flat Bed Printer UV Direct to Subsrate Printer

Below are a few samples of items we have printed so far :-

Print direct to Dibond

Print to Foam Board

Braille print on Aluminium Composite Panel

Textured print on Dibond

Print onto Gold Acrylic

Print Direct to Foamex

Raised textured prints on Dibond

Textured print on a ceramic tile

Raised textured tread print

Gloss, White Background and No Background on Corian

Print direct to wood

We can also print onto panels of furniture, create textured pictures to look like they have been oil painted - really whatever your imagination can come up with, as long as it fits on the print area and isn't overly shiny / reflective as it would damage the Ultra Violet curing head.

Contact us with your enquiry and we will be happy to advise and give quotations.