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Prohibition signs

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  • No Smoking Signs

    No Smoking signs must be displayed in all public areas, businesses and premises to comply with  the smoke free legislation. These signs make it clear to everyone that the area, including vehicles are all no smoking.
  • Restricted Access Signs

    No Access prohibitions safety signs, used to restrict access to certain areas.
    Signs are comprised of black pictograms encircle by a red disc with a diagonal line.
  • General Prohibition Signs

    Range of Prohibition Safety signs such as No Parking signs, No Dogs signs, No Ball signs. All with the regulatory black symbols and red circle to accompany prohibition message.
  • Machinery Prohibition Signs

    Machinery prohibition safety signs are used to ensure that the correct persons are using machinery safely and to act as a warning to others not to utilise vehicles and machinery without meeting certain criteria.
Prohibition Signs are available as self adhesive vinyl safety signs and various types of rigid safety sign in different sizes.
All safety signs are made to order, if you would like alterations to the prohibition message, sign size or material, please contact us for advice.