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Instructions for applying Vinyl Graphics & Text

We will supply the Vinyl Graphic or Vinyl Text prespaced on application tape for you, to make application easy.
The sticker can be applied dry to the intended surface, but
on waterproof surfaces we would recommend adding a drop of washing up liquid and some water to a plant spray and wetting the back of the graphic once you have removed the backing paper.
This will allow you to adjust the graphic to ensure you get it in the correct position.
Once you are happy with the position, use a flat edge (credit card ideal) to squeegee out the excess water and air bubbles.
Leave to dry for a few minutes and then remove the application tape from the front of the graphic.

All vinyl that we use has an 8 year life and is suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use, as well as vehicles and boats.

Please note that there is a chance that removal of the sticker at a later date could result in surfaces, such as wallpaper being damaged. On most surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic there may be a glue residue, which can be removed with soapy water .

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